[ Ready Stock ] 韩国午餐肉 Korea Luncheon Luncheon Meat 340g

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【HANSUNG 午餐肉】100% 纯猪肉,主打少盐午餐肉 😋 EXP 2023

【LOTTE 乐天午餐肉】鸡肉加上猪肉的组合 口感一级棒 😋 EXP :DEC 2023-FEB2024

【SPAM 午餐肉】韩国人家里必备的原味午餐肉😋 EXP 2023

亲爱的顾客,此产品的包装是用是由较软的铝罐制成,会较为脆弱,用手随便压一压就会扁或变形。我們都会尽全力用泡泡纸包装好以作为保护的哦!运输过程中会有难免的意外 由于工作人员会把所有的包裹装在大卡车里 在运输过程中包裹都会有被抛及丢的可能性 所以过程中难免会被压到,但是这绝不影响午餐肉的品质与口感。
胖妞在此先声明 完美主义者请绕道 所有以這點作爲退款、退貨为理由的我們一律不接受哦 谢谢合作

Dear customers, the packaging can of the luncheon meat is made of soft aluminium, it can be simply reshaped with just a soft press. Nonetheless, we will try our best to pack the luncheon meat with bubble wrap to ensure our customer receive the products in good condition. However, the uncertainty for incident like dented or pressed luncheon meat cans are unavoidable as it is not in our controllable circumstances. This is said so as there's uncertainty for courier workers to throw the parcel and not handle them with care. Dented or pressed can do not affect the quality of the product.
Finally, we would like to mentioned that perfectionist are not encourage to place order as dented can would not be accepted for return or refund request. Thank you for your cooperation.