【Mama Mee】妈妈面 Thailand Mama Instant Noodles Pack OK Mee 泰国 (55g/60g/85g) Thai noodles Mama Mee

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MCO period no support send to East Malaysia. Otherwise will need 2 months delivery time.
MCO 期间不支持运输到东马,不然就要两个月运输期。 请多多注意!!!

超好吃泰国爆款超火红 MAMA MEE 方便面即食面

Flavor 口味 & Expired Date :

- Tom Yum Shrimp 冬阳虾
Exp date : Sep 2021

- Mince Pork 猪肉碎
Exp date : July 2021

- Tom Yum Creamy 冬阳奶虾
Exp date : Aug 2021

- Duck Soup 鸭味
Exp date : September 2021

- Mee Hun Soup 米粉清汤
Exp date : July 2021

- Green Curry 青咖喱
Exp date : August 2021

- Ok Mee Salted Egg 咸蛋面
Exp date : Oct 2021

- Creamy Tom Yum Pork 冬阳猪肉碎
Exp date : August 2021

- Mee Serda TOM YUM 冬阳奢达面
Exp date : Jun 2021

-Ok Shrimp Stir Fried TomYum Sauce OK东炎干捞
Expired Date : Dec 2021

Notice 注意: We pack and ship your order in cardboard box and wrapped with air bubble. However, due to handling of delivery company, it may cause damage to the packaging but not the content. 我们会使用箱子包装您的订单,在运输过程中难免会压到。请放心,这并不影响食用。

Shipping 关于发货: We will proceed your orders within 1 to 2 working days (Monday to Saturday) and ship out as soon as possible. 您下单后,我们会在1至2工作天里处理您的订单并且以最快的速度发货给您。

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