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Origin: Korea (Domestic Market)
Stock: Ready Stock
Best Before 29 Feb 2022
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Viomix Instant Black Sugar Milk Tea Sachet
흑당 밀크티
- Product of Korea

Using UNREFINED MUSCOVADO 100% Natural Unrefined Raw Sugar Mascovado to make a delicious and quick milk tea. You can have it anytime and anywhere.

How to enjoy it deliciously?
1. Hot Milk Tea - 1 sachet + 80-100ml of hot water
2. Bubble Tea - 1 sachet + brown sugar syrup + 15g tapioca pearl
3. Ice Milk Tea - 1 sachet + 50ml hot water +50g Ice

Benefits of Unrefined Muscovado
Mascova Doran is a 100% natural unrefined raw sugar that preserves the taste and nutrition of sugarcane as it is made using the traditional sugar manufacturing method that has been passed down for 100 years on the island of Negros, Philippines. It features a mild sweetness and luxurious flavors of wild honey, raisins and caramel. Since molasses is not separated from raw sugar, it is rich in dietary fiber and minerals, making it healthier.

About Viomix
Viomix is a manufacturer and distributor of ingredient substitutes and plant-based meat alternatives. The company has Korea’s textured vegetable protein production line that can quickly produce various meat substitutes. Its substitute products are widely available in major retail stores, e-commerce outlets, and restaurants.


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