MADE IN KOREA | Korean PULMUONE Nature is Delicious Hong / Baek / Jeong Ramyun 자연은 맛있다라면 大自然是美味的拉面 |THE WONDER BOX

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Brand: PULMUONE Nature is Delicious
Origin: Korea (Domestic Market)
Stock: Ready Stock
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Hong (RED) - 8 Jan 2022
Jeong (Green) - 20 Jan 2022
Baek (White) - 22 Jan 2022


Pulmuone Nature is Delicious Jeongmyun 자연은 맛있다 정면 102.8g (385kcal)
[GREEN - Jeong] - VEGAN certified (Spicy)

Made from plant-based ingredients.
The soup is made with vegetable water and soy sauce made from selected soybeans for a rich and savory taste without meat.
Garlic, mushrooms, onions, Chinese cabbage, green onions, radishes, and other vegetables are generously added to bring out the refreshing taste.

Pulmuone Nature is Delicious Baekmyun 자연은 맛있다 백면 101.5g (375kcal)
[WHITE - Baek] - Seafood Noodles / Jjambbong (contains beef) Non-spicy

Lilies, clams, shrimp, and beef bones are roasted in a strong heat using the ‘high-temperature roasting method’ to enhance the original taste and aroma of the ingredients.

Pulmuone Nature is Delicious Hongmyun 자연은 맛있다 홍면 108.8g (400kcal)
[RED - Hong] - Spicy Beef Noodles (contains beef)

The secret to the intensely thick and spicy soup taste!
Beef, mushrooms, and garlic in a thick broth made from brisket and beef bone using the 'high-temperature roasting method'
Roasted in strong heat to enhance the original taste and aroma of the ingredients, and to preserve the spicy taste with roasted red pepper seasoning.

Pulmuone's own know-how to make delicious noodles based on the principle of minimal additives!
To maintain the texture and taste of freshly pulled noodles, they are chewy and clean until the end without frying
The calorie burden is low, and the taste of the broth is consistent.


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