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Brand: Daesang Chungjungone Sunchang
Origin: Korea
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Ssamjang Dipping Paste 순창 쌈장 500g | BB: 19.04.2022
Gochujang Red Pepper Paste 500g 순창 고추장 | BB: 06.10.2022
Doenjang Soybean Paste 500g 순창 된장 | BB: 21.07.2022

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🥙 Ssamjang (Green Box)
Ingredients: Kindly check in the photo provided

Ssamjang is a thick and spicy paste used as a dipping sauce when you make a wrap. This typically involves Korean grilled BBQ on a lettuce, perilla or steamed cabbage leaf. You simply dab a small amount of sauce with a pair of chopsticks on to a lettuce leaf or piece of meat.

Korean ssamjang combines the savory funk of doenjang with the sweet heat of gochujang for the perfect grilled meat dipping sauce. ... It's a simple, no-cook, stir-together dipping sauce that combines the savory funk of doenjang (fermented Korean soybean paste) with the sweet heat of gochujang.

For all BBQ lovers, this is the one sauce you don't wanna miss out!

Oh! You can also use it as a dip (just like hummus or avacado dip) to your celery, carrots and even cucumber. Yummy!

🥙Gochujang Red Pepper Paste
Ingredients: Kindly check in the photo provided
ChungJungOne is a well-known brand by Daesung Corporation in Korea.
ChungJungOne Sunchang Gochujang is a top-quality product from a town of Sunchang, a beautiful place blessed by nature with the best conditions (temperature, humidity and wind) to ferment pastes. Sunchang is also famous for having the longest lifespan in Korea.

As one of the nation's leading fermented food products, this gohchujang uses only carefully selected red peppers, rice, sea salt that gives a savory and clean spicy flavor. It is an essential seasoning ingredients in many Korean cooking. This paste is used in bibimbap, tteokbokki, as marinate, as a dipper and many other Korean recipes. This gohchujang has a rich deep taste; glutinous and spicy.

🥙Doenjang (Korean Soybean Paste)
Ingredients: Kindly check in the photo provided
This is a traditional fresh miso paste made to the taste of modern people who want a soft yet savory taste. It is a miso that has a clean finish by lowering the quintessential aroma and taste while increasing the umami and savory taste. With its deep and rich flavor, it boasts a taste that goes well with any dish such as soup, stew, and side dishes. Try using healthy soybean paste and traditional fresh soybean paste in a variety of dishes without heat treatment.

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