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Origin: Korea (Domestic Market)
Stock: Ready Stock
Ingredients: Please refer to pictures

Gochujang - 07.06.2022
doenjang - 27.03.2022
ssamjang - 03.01.2022


These paste comes in bags so you can store well in reusable storage like tight close glasses.

#CJ HAECHANDEUL Taeyangcho Gold Gochujang made with Korean rice 500g (Medium Hot)
해찬들 우리쌀로 만든 태양초골드고추장

Made with high-quality solar vinegar and fermentation and aging technology, it has a clean spicy taste and a vivid, glossy red color that enhances the texture.
· 100% large, straight, high-quality solar candles with good color and luster are used. (Carefully selected peppers based on internal pepper quality grading standards)
· Haechandeul's unique temperature maintenance and aging technology is used to make it more delicious
· No. 1 red pepper paste recognized by consumers, Haechandeul Gochujang No. 1 in sales for 7 consecutive years. 2007-2018, based on the sales amount of red pepper paste) .HACCP certified / no preservative (sovic acid) added

#CJ Haechandeul Traditional Soybean Paste 500g
해찬들 재래식된장

Made using the traditional method of making soybean paste. A constant temperature aging method is applied, produces a deeper taste and the taste last longer. It has a savory taste yet light and soft, makes cooking taste good.

#CJ Haechandeul Seasoned Ssamjang 500g
해찬들 사계절쌈장

30 years of making traditional soy sauce, Haechandeul Ssamjang is the originator of ssamjang, added various seasonings to the 30-year-old soy sauce. The taste if the golden ratio enhances the taste of ssam. it is not particularly salty, so you can eat it with any meat or vegetables. It is a ssamjang that goes well with everything


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