Lotte Luncheon Meat Lotte 韩国午餐肉 340g

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Lotte Luncheon Meat Lotte 韩国午餐肉 340g


退货详情:若铝罐周围破损(不含罐头塑料盖破损) 请先拍照whatsapp/shopee chat发给店家,店家将依据情况处理。

Disclaimer: This product may be dented or the plastic cover of the product might be damaged during transportation and it will not affect the quality of the meat. Please use it with confidence and no return will be accepted.

Return: We will only accept return in the event that the can (not including the yellow cover) is damaged. Kindly send over the photo of the damaged product to us by whatsapp or shopee chat to verify.