Locaupin 4pcs Food Storage Containers, Stackable Refrigerator Freezer Organizer Fresh Keeper Container with Vented Lids

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hi , this product we set preorder , please noted it , will send about 15/sep/2021 , thanks

*you will get : 13.5*5.5*20cm_1pcs, 13.5*3.7*20cm_1pcs, 12.5*5.5*10cm_2pcs.
*With drain design to prevent Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Fruits etc. from dripping in the refrigerator. Effective to prevent bacterial growth.
* Stackable Storage Containers with Lid can save a lot of space in the fridge and easily organize your fridge, kitchen, pantry to store foods.
* Material: Made of High-quality durable food-grade PP, easy to clean, clear color easy to find your food.
* Product size : 13.5*5.5*20cm_1pcs, 13.5*3.7*20cm_1pcs, 12.5*5.5*10cm_2pcs. Perfect for most refrigerators, freezers, cupboards and drawers.
* Warning:Please do not use food the storage containers in Microwave Ovens or Ovens. The lid is not airtight, it designed for dust-proof and Lock fresh, keep water in fridge.

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