Lefang Clothes Drying Rack Net Collapsible Mesh Basket Dryer Net White Mesh Clothes Hanging Dryer Rack

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*BREATHABLE CELLULAR NET---Made of breathable Polyester mesh material for quick dry and stainless-steel bar inside doesn’t make any stains after years of using them. Grey trim makes the hanger easy to adapt to your room decorations
*FLEXIBLE DESIGN---Durable plastic hook works on standard shower rods and can be locked to avoid blowing down by wind. And it also can spin so that you can lock this hanger into any direction
*ANTI-DEFORMATION---Keeps the natural shape of clothes like sweater, bra and toy which is easy to deform when hanging on hangers.Always keep your clothes in the original shape
Multi-Use: To Dry heavy sweaters/underwear/ socks/knitting shirt/stuffed toy/ cotton slippers/Dried Fruit/dried vegetable etc.