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Brand: Lotte
Origin: Korea (International Package)
Stock: Ready Stock

This product is a Korean Export Version product.
Packaging may be in English or Russian
NOTE: Only a few flavours carries the Halal Certification Chop. The others are 'in-the-process'.


Lotte Milkis Milk and Yogurt Milk Soda 250ml
롯데칠성음료밀키스 250ml
韩国黛咪苏打水 250ml
- Product of Korea.

Available in 7 different flavours:
1. Original - Halal chop
2. Peach - Halal chop
3. Grape
4. Apple
5. Melon - Halal chop
6. Strawberry
7. Banana

Not sure what this is for you? I challenge you to try it.
To enjoy Milkis, you MUST have it cold! The colder the better. Pour it out and have it on ice, even better!

A unique soft milk taste that harmonizes well with the cool carbonated flavour. The milk and yogurt flavour gives a whole new twist to the one of a kind milky carbonated taste of this drink. Have it ice cold with spicy ramen or steamboat, it taste really good!

Comes in different flavours. Try them all and find out which you like best cos we here in TWB, all of us have different preference. So far, the strawberry taste pretty good. Peach is one of our bestseller after original. Have it with crushed ice! It's sooooo refreshing!!!

#milkis #yogurtsoda


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